Sine wave inverter overview

Sine wave inverters are widely used in various types: microcomputer systems, communication systems, homes, aviation, emergencies, communications, industrial equipment, satellite communication equipment, military vehicles, medical ambulances, police cars, ships, solar and wind power generation, etc. . The location of the backup power source can constitute an EPS emergency power system. The performance is as follows:
1) Pure sine wave output, suitable for TVs, refrigerators, induction cookers, and electric fans.
2) Microwave ovens, air conditioners and other household equipment use computer (CPU) control technology and have superior performance.
3) Ultra-wide input voltage range, high-precision output, and fully automatic voltage regulation.
4) Built-in protection functions, such as overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, etc., with high reliability.
5) Simple and clear LED display, which can be upgraded to a comprehensive digital LCD display for easy observation of machine status.
6) The power supply time can be configured arbitrarily according to different requirements.
7) Use valve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, intelligent battery management, overcharge and over-discharge protection to extend battery life.

What is the difference between sine wave inverter and ordinary inverter?

  1. Pure Xuanbo inverter is suitable for any inductive load and resistive load. Inductive loads include refrigerators and washing machines with various equipment with AC motors. Square wave and correction wave inverters are suitable for lighting to watch these resistive loads of TV heaters, pure Xuan wave inverters for electric fish need to add a controllable boost function at a later stage, which will be very expensive.
  2. Pure sine wave inverter has strict functional parameters and high price, and is used in electronic circuits with high requirements on waveform parameters; general inverter is a mixture of sine wave, square wave, clutter and other components. This waveform can be used in general appliances at a lower price.
  3. The difference between pure Xuanbo inverter and frequency converter is that the output voltage waveform is different. Pure Xuanbo inverter is suitable for all electrical appliances, and general frequency converter is suitable for pure electrical appliances such as electric furnaces.



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